Chef Omri Gor

When it comes time to choose the best of the best in Israel's culinary world, without at doubt, Chef  Omri Gor is the obvious choice.
Chef Omri brings to your table the best combination of local expertise and international excellence. His extensive experience and knowledge of Israeli cuisine, ingredients, and products and his commitment to quality at an international level all combine to produce exceptional results.

Chef Omri grew up in a world of wonderful tastes and smells, with the kitchen as an integral part of his life. So it was only natural that he would choose a culinary path for his life at a very young age. As an expert in the field of food chemistry, his technical knowledge and abilities have only served to enhance the quality of his culinary skills.
Today, Chef Omri is fulfilling his culinary dream every day. And now he can help you realize

yours by bringing his many talents to a variety of venues:
• Private chef for any occasion—from a dinner party at your home, to a surprise meal prepared at your tzimmer, to an unforgettable marriage proposal
• Cooking demonstrations and workshops (including cooking workshops designed especially for children)
• Workshops and gatherings at your home or place of business
• Exclusive catering for parties of 2 to 102
• Surprise events
• Personal wilderness chef for trips and excursions
• Tourist events and locations throughout the country
• Bachelorette parties
• Professional representation of food manufacturers in contexts creating interaction between the product and its target audience
• And . . . just about any other food-related event you can think of!
Contact Chef Omri today for a personal consultation about fulfilling your culinary dreams!.

mobile: 052-5257750